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Stavropol’s Coat of Arms

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Stavropol was founded as a fortress in 1777. It became the chief town of a uyezd in Caucasus Province in 1785. Stavropol got the regional city of Caucasus Oblast in 1822. It grew the principal town of Stavropol province in the middle of the XIX century. The chief of Caucasus Oblast lieutenant-general P. H. Grabbe drew the project of Stavropol’s coat of arms in 1841. The emblem was divided into two parts. There was a cross and a garland in the upper part of the armorial bearings and a sheaf in the lower one. The cross illustrated the name of the town. “Stavros” means “a cross”. This emblem was not supported by the Heralds The historical Emblem of the city was approved on the 23rd of June 1878. In 1936-1943 the city was called Voroshilovsk. This coat of arms was approved by the special commission in 1969.There were two ears, gear wheel, the flame and the date 1777. The date reminds about the foundation of the Stavropol fortress. The gear wheel symbolizes creation and the industrious life of the city. The everlasting flame perpetuates the memory of previous generations, their feats of arms and deeds. This coat of arms was published in “Stavropolskaya Pravda” on the 2nd of July 1969. The description of the present Stavropol’s coat of arms was approved by the resolution №60 of the city Duma on the 10th of August and resolution №66 on the 17th of August 1994. The official standing about the Stavropol’s coat of arms was approved by the Conclusion of the City Duma №123 on the 21st of December. Stavropol’s heraldic coat of arms is divided by the cross into four parts. It illustrates the name of the city. The historical Emblem of the city approved on the 23rd of June 1878 can be seen in the lower right part of the armorial bearings. You can see a silver mountain on the green field. On the top of the mountain there is a fortress. A road goes to the open gates of the fortress. Above the gates there is a pentagram. It symbolizes protection and guarding. The main parts of the coat of arms approved on the20th of June1969 are situated in the upper left part. The temple in the lower left part symbolizes Russia and shows that Stavropol is the Russian city at the southern borders of the country. The temple looks like the cathedral on the Krepostnaya Gora which is associated with the view of the city in the past. Stavropol is the traditional centre of the eparchy in the Northern Caucasus. So we can see the other meaning of this symbol. The horseman in the upper right part shows the role of Cossacks in the Northern Caucasus. They play the outstanding role in the history and culture of the multinational region. This figure reminds us about the courage, strength, quickness and deftness, the importance of protection of the Motherland. The heraldic coat of arms is framed by a garland made from golden oak leaves. The garland is interlaced with a ribbon which is red and blue and white like the flag of Russia. On the top of the heraldic coat of arms there is the date of the foundation of the Stavropol fortress. N. A. Okhon’ko and I. P. Oleynik are the authors of the emblem.,,,.

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