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Lesson Four - Hotel. Part Two

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Шаблон:Campus HOTEL (Part Two)

TASK 1. Read the text paying attention to the key words. Make a short summary of it.


At the hotel you can get various services. If you want to have your suit pressed or dry-cleaned, your shirt ironed, or your laundry done, you should ring for the maid and she will see to it that everything is done. You can also have your meals served in your room.

In the lobby there are a lot of offices, a booking-office, post and telegraph offices and/or an information desk. Besides there are a newsstand, a book-stall, a kiosk selling picture post cards and souvenirs. Cosmetics and liquor are sold too, but with a sales tax, not tax-free which is the case when you buy them at the airport.

At the information desk you can enquire about the departures and arrivals of trains and flights, about telephone numbers and addresses of offices and private individuals and about a lot of other things.

In the booking-office they can book seats for you at the theatre or on the plane, or hotel accommodations in another city.

In the same building there are also restaurants, bars, cafeterias, beauty parlours, gyms and swimming-pools. There is also a laboratory where guests can have a film developed without going out.

Bills are usually paid at weekly intervals as it is more convenient for the management. The guests intending to leave the hotel should notify the management before noon on the day of their departure, but it’s advisable to do so earlier. When you are ready to check out, you tell the desk clerk to get your bill ready. When leaving the hotel, it is customary to tip the attendants. A safe rule to follow is from ten to fifteen per cent of the bill. A tip is always given with a word of thanks.

Do not take the key along which is often the case with absent-minded guests; leave it at the desk.

If you are travelling by car, you can get accommodations in a highway motel. Staying in a motel has a lot of advantages. You don’t fight the city traffic to obtain a comfortable bed for the night, you just drive up to the door of your room. You also avoid the garage fee, tips and other charges of a hotel stay, which is a great advantage for low-income travellers.

Motels are well constructed and comfortably furnished. Most of them have air conditioners, a TV and room service. There are such additional attractions as children’s playgrounds, open-air facilities and tennis courts, to say nothing of swimming-pools. As a rule, not far from motels there is a petrol station or a service station.


services - услуги, виды обслуживания.

to press a suit (a coat) - гладить костюм (пиджак и т. д.)

to have smth. dry-cleaned - отдавать что-либо в химчистку

to iron a shirt (a dress, a blouse) - гладить рубашку

to have one’s laundry done - отдавать белье в стирку

to ring for smb. - вызывать кого-либо звонком

maid - горничная, прислуга;

to serve customers - обслуживать клиентов, покупателей,

to serve smb. fast - обслуживать кого-либо быстро.

booking office - билетная касса (на вокзале, на станции)

information desk - стол справок;

newsstand - газетный киоск;

book-stall - книжный киоск;

sales tax - налог на покупку;

to enquire about smth. - наводить справки, запрашивать информацию о ч-л.

beauty parlour - косметический кабинет, салон красоты;

gym - спортзал;

swimming-pool - бассейн;

to develop a film - проявлять фото- или кинопленку.

to pay one’s bill - платить по счету;

management - руководство; управление; администрирование; администрация;

to notify smb. about smth. - извещать кого-либо о чем-либо, ставить в известность.

noon - 12 часов дня, полдень;

to check out - оформлять свой отъезд; выехать из гостиницы;

desk clerk - дежурный администратор;

to get smb’s bill ready - подготовить чей-либо счет;

It is customary to do so. - Так принято. (Так полагается.);

to tip smb. - давать кому-либо на чай;

attendant - лицо, работающее в сфере обслуживания;

attendants - обслуживающий персонал;

ten per cent of smth. - 10% от суммы;

highway - шоссе;

to have an advantage - иметь преимущество;

to stay at a hotel - останавливаться в гостинице

TASK 2. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words. Substantiate your choice.

1.If you want to have your laundry done or your suit pressed you ... (notify the management, ring for the maid, enquire at the information desk).

2.In the lobby one can see ... (a police station, tennis courts, a telegraph office, a service station).

3.If you want to change your room you’d better address ... (the information desk, the manager, the maid, the desk clerk).

4.Bills are usually paid ... (daily, weekly, monthly).

5.When you are ready to check out you tell ... (the maid, the receptionist, the porter, the doorman) to get your bill ready.

6.A safe rule to follow is to tip the attendants ... (every day, when checking in, when leaving the hotel, never).

7.A motel is ... (a petrol station, a service station, a self-service snack bar, a pub, a hotel for motorists).

8.Staying at the motel has many advantages. For instance one avoids ... (the garage fee, the city sales tax, paying bills).

TASK 3. Complete the questions and answer them.

1.If you are travelling by car, is it more convenient to stay at a hotel or...?

2.If you want to have your suit pressed, do you ring for the receptionist or...?

3.If you are going to leave the hotel, do you notify the maid or...?

4.Do guests tip servants when they are checking in or...?

TASK 4. Make up your own sentences using the following word combinations.

1.ring for smb.

2.have one’s suit pressed

3.enquire about

4.book for

5.notify the management

6.get one’s bill ready

7.take the key along

8.a lot of advantages

9.drive up to the door

10.charges of a hotel stay

11.check out

12.tip smb.

TASK 5. Complete the following sentences.

1.In the lounge of a big hotel one can see...

2.If you want to have your laundry done or your suit pressed, you should...

3.Guests intending to leave the hotel should notify the management...

4.Staying in a motel has many advantages. You avoid...

5.Most motels have...

6.When leaving the hotel make sure that you haven’t...

TASK 6. Answer the following questions.

1.What should one do to have one’s suit pressed or one’s laundry done?

2.What other services can one get at the hotel?

3.When should one notify the management of one’s departure?

4.At what intervals are bills usually paid?

5.Do you approve or disapprove of giving tips?

6.How much are servants usually tipped?

7.Has staying at the motel any advantages?

8.Why is it cheaper to stay at a motel?

9.Do motels have room service?

TASK 7. Translate from English into Russian.

1.The service is included in the bill.

2.A service station is a petrol station which offers also servicing facilities.

3.Service charge is 10 per cent of the bill at the restaurant.

4.Ladies should be served before men.

5.Late-night restaurants and night clubs serve hard and soft drinks.

6.It is customary to tip barbers in Great Britain and the USA.

7.How much did you tip the porter?

8.Living in a big city has a lot of advantages.

9.It takes me only a few minutes to get to my office.

10.It’s a great advantage, isn’t it?

TASK 8. Translate from Russian into English.

1.Сколько стоит чистка пальто?

2.Мистер Браун - начальник этого отдела.

3.Он заведует отделом с 1990г.

4.Плата за обслуживание составляет 10% суммы счета.

5.На автозаправочной станции вам могут также произвести ремонт машины.

6.Обслуживание было вполне приличное.

7.Туристов обслуживают после 10 утра.

8.Интересно, сколько времени он заведует этим отделом?!

9.Скажите горничной, чтобы она отдала отутюжить ваш костюм.

10.Сначала мы решили остановиться в каком-либо мотеле, но

потом передумали.

11.Скажите администратору, чтобы он подготовил счет.

TASK 9. Read and act out the conversation.


L. - Larissa, an interpreting guide at the travel-agency

Sm. - Mr. Smith, a tourist

L. Follow me, Mr.Smith. I’ll take you up to your room in a lift.

Sm. Oh, I’ve forgotten to ask about services.

L. Don’t worry. I can give you all the information. They have two restaurants and a foreign currency bar on the 2nd floor. There are telephones, radios and televisions in all the rooms.

Sm. O.K. and what about the chambermaid?

L. Chambermaids are on each floor round the clock. They’ll serve you tea, look after your mail and perform a host of other services.

Sm. Incredible. I like this place. You are so well informed, Larissa.

L. It’s not surprising. I have been working here for ten years. Here we are. This is your room.

Sm. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

L. I’m sorry. I can’t.

Sm. That’s a pity. Well then. See you tomorrow.

L. Till tomorrow, bye.


R.C. - Room service Mr.Sm. - Mr.Smith. Ch. - Chambermaid.

Mr.Sm. Hallo. Is this room service? R.C. Yes, it is.

Mr.Sm. I’m a bit tired. Could you send up some lunch to room 25, please.

R.C. Certainly, sir. What would you like?

Sm. Bacon and eggs and a can of beer.

R.C. You’ll be served in 5 minutes, sir.

Sm. Thank you.

5 minutes later

Ch. Good afternoon. It’s the chambermaid. Here is your lunch.

Sm. Thank you. Put it on the table. And er ... one thing more. I’d like to have my suit brushed and pressed.

Ch. Certainly, sir. Could you let me have it straight away?

Sm. Yes. Here you are. When will it be ready?

Ch. In an hour. Sm. Fine.

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