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Learn these words before you listen to the text:

as adv когда, в то время

As she heard the bell, she stood up.

As they walked on, they felt more and more tired.

He saw her as they were getting off the bus.

pocket n карман

Boys put everything they find into their pockets.

What is there in your pocket?

He paid for it out of his own pocket.

case [-s] n футляр

He showed me a beautiful gold ring in a black case.

Can you guess what a "cigarette case" is?

busker n уличный музыкант

There are cities where you can see many buskers in the streets.

Buskers like to play in the places where there are usually many people.

close [-s] adv близко

"Don't stand close to the water, you may fall in it," said the mother to her boy.

We stood close together.

police n полиция

The police are looking for the killer of the old man

They were taken to the nearest police station.

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