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Материал из Letopisi.Ru — «Время вернуться домой»

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Шаблон:Campus I. Learn these words before you listen to the story:

story n рассказ; зд. история
Ann's father tells her interesting stories. She likes to listen to them.
You can find interesting stories in this book.
other рrоп другой
John and some other boys are swimming.
She is cleverer than the other girls in her class.
Have you any other German books?
call v звать
Call the children, please. It's time to have dinner.
My brother can help us. Let's call him.
stone n камень
There are many stones in the yard.
Children like to play with small stones. You can sit on that large stone.
throw v (threw ) бросать, кидать
Boys like to throw stones. Don't throw stones at my dog! The children in the park threw stones into the water.

II. Download the story and listen to it until you completely undestand its plot. Or you may listen to directly from this page

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